We make films!

We’re a young film production team that produces videos with energy and passion. We put brands, products and clients in the frame – with our customary creativity and know-how.

Our portfolio: authentic content, innovatively conceptionalised and implemented – all film services covered with just one partner: Weissfilm.

We create audiovisual experiences, unusual films and a whole lot of emotion.

Weissfilm Team

Full Service Film Production


We produce dramaturgically intelligent concepts and scripts with feeling, guaranteed to captivate the viewer. Through careful casting of actors and speakers, we make dreams come true. And clear storyboards plus sophisticated shooting schedules ensure a frictionless shoot on the day.



Professional lighting and camera work go without saying! And of course we’re happy to supervise and look after actors and team during the shoot.

Plus: we also shoot aerial videos with our multicopter.

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Weissfilm Filmproduktion

Mob   +49 177 547 53 54

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