ABOUT WEISSFILM: our team, the freelancers and a broad network

Our team: AND - ACTION!


Paul | CEO and director


Film pro with 360° view:

Scriptwriter education (Masterschool Drehbuch) & Film direction with various short films and image films, cutter with Zuio (Axel Springer), cinematographer, photographer and film nerd. In short: an audiovisual all-round talent!

Degree Course in Audiovisual Media (Camera) at the Beuth High School, professional film production since 2008.


Jeanne | Conception, editing


Ambition with vision: After graduating high school Jeanne shot image films in Texas, then studied Screen Based Media at the Beuth High School, and worked for an advertising agency in Barcelona.

As an intern at Deutsche Welle Jeanne was involved in numerous reportage shoots and then expanded her horizons even further with a degree course in North America Studies.


Cemil | Production Assistant, post production


A man with perspective: Cemil comes – with Anatolian roots – from Berlin, is engaged as a volunteer, and studied Screen Based Media at the Beuth High School.

Alongside these achievements Cemil also ran an online fashion magazine, and photographs and films with passion.



A perfect team for each film production | Our Freelancers

Martin Gasch – Cinematography

Niclas Steinkamp – Editing

Sabine Ehrl – Directing

Andreas Haas – Cinematography

Daniel Merget – Cinematography

Johannes Kreuser – Cinematography

Philipp Müller – Editing

Tobias Koppe – Cinematography

David M. Lorenz – Directing

Weissfilm productions

Our videos have a cinematic aesthetic, top picture quality (4k resolution), cutting without compromise, professional lighting setups, sound design and mixing.


– Commercials & image Films
– TV productions
– Music videos
– Event videos
– Social media content

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